Dear Friends and Customers:

After a successful final, final sale, I cleared out my warehouse and contacted the phone company, to abandon the phone number I have used continuously since 1975. Going back that far—forty-three years—only my son and daughter have been with me longer. I suppose in my subconscious somewhere, the “ghost” of 226-0116 still rings occasionally, but . . . no longer here on earth.
Left to Right: Cathy Opie, James Opie and Robert Granger toast retirement at the opening night of James’ final sale.

Musings about “permanence” and “impermanence” may be in order but rather than testing your patience with an essay on life’s enduring priorities, I merely wish to thank you for your friendship and business these many years, and invite you to visit my website from time to time, where I will share writings not only in the rug field, but in other explorative veins, including articles published in a New York quarterly, Parabola, and fresh writings, yet to appear anywhere.

Ways to access a wide array of writings will be shared both in this website and one I am now developing, devoted not at all to “getting and spending” (buying and selling) but to assessing life’s ever-deepening meanings and purposes.

And if any of you happen to have older Oriental rugs you need to sell or donate to a charity? While 226-0116 is gone, I remain and perhaps able to help.

My new email address:

Warm regards and ongoing thanks,

James Opie